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Wedding Planning Forms

Introduction Sheet, Wedding Reception Planner & Song Request Planner


Below, you will find three forms we use to help plan and organize your wedding reception.

Grand Entrance & Wedding Party Introductions - This form is used to organize all the names of everyone who is being introduced. It helps us to quickly & efficiently organize the bridal party when it's time for the introductions and grand entrance. Typically, at the end of your cocktail hour, I will line your bridal party up in the order they are going to be introduced. As I do that, I will be sure I have the correct pronunciations of their names. Once everyone is in line, I will tell them where to go and what to do when they walk in. I will then return to the ballroom, ask your guests to be seated and let everyone know that it is time to introduce the bridal party!

View/Print Our Wedding Party Introduction Sheet

Wedding Reception Planner Questionnaire - This form is used to plan all the other details about your wedding reception. We will use it to determine the sequence of the events, list the first dance, parent's dance & cake cutting songs, list who will be asking the blessing, who will be proposing the toast(s), etc...

View/Print Our Wedding Reception Planner

What about the music?  If you have any “FAVORITES” or any “DO NOT PLAY” songs, you can use our "Song Request Planner" form!

Please remember that I can only play only 15-16 songs per hour.  If you give me a few of your favorite songs, this will allow me to work them in at just the right time, keeping the energy in the room up, and all of your guests having a great time!  Being able to “read the crowd” is a trait of being a great DJ. Giving me the freedom to control the sequence of the songs will keep the energy high and your party flowing in the right direction.

You must remember that the “best songs" are those that appeal to the majority of your guests!

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